Obtaining BizSAFE level 1,2,3 and STAR can be quite a difficult task to undergo. Those who have obtained it would have to compile achievements in Workplace Safety and Health (WSH). Some areas would include effective management, risk management, and quality control.

With our auditing team, we are able to assess different businesses to decide if their current existing company complies with the award requirements. We will compile different plans in order to get your company in shape to obtain the BizSAFE level award needed.

BizSAFE Level 3

At this level, we will prepare your company in preparation for the appeared of an MOM Approved WSH Auditor. They will conduct a Risk Management Implementation audit for your company.


There are several prerequisites a company must fulfill before we are able to

  • Must obtain either OHSAS 18001:2007 (International Standard on Occupational Health and Safety Management System)
  • or SS 506 (Singapore Standard on Occupational Safety and Health Management System).
  • If you decide on OHSAS, you must have an Risk Management Audit Report that is audited and issues by a MOM Approved WSH Auditor.