What Firms Do you need before beginning a construction Project?

Before starting a construction project, you must carefully take into consideration of all the different parties that may be involved. For a veteran or someone with prior experience to this field it might be easy to understand on where to go to or who to go to but for a layman, you will be spending quite a bit of time researching which firms you need and which firms you do not need.

1) Understand the type of project you are doing. Is it commercial, residential, does it require building underground, how much piling do you need, does the area already have infrastructure in place or will you need to build it?

These questions can be very complex and it can eat your budget quite a bit if approached incorrectly. If you are unsure, you can seek advice from the following firms: Quantity Surveyor, Architecture, Mechanical & Engineering, Civil & Structural. Each one of these firms can give a cost estimate on their services and the potential c
ost of the project.

2) Why specifically should you seek out these firms?

Quantity Surveying Firm: This type of firm is very helpful when it comes to negotiation, contracts, and most importantly cost-estimation. The Quantity Surveyor is there to protect the client’s best interests, and to save the most costs possible on a given area of the project. A small investment in the short-term will be able to save you a lot of strife and money in the long-term.
Architectural Firm – This type of firm will employ architects that will design your project from the ground up. Some architects may even provide some cost-estimation services (typically not as detailed as a Quantity Surveyor).
Mechanical & Engineering Firm – These firms will oversee and conduct the wiring and electrical aspects of a building. This firm typically comes later after the skeleton of the building has been formed.
Civil & Structural Firm – These firms will confirm whether or not your building has been properly constructed. They are there to ensure that there are no safety issues with the design and the construction process.

These firms are highly recommended mainly because you would not be able to proceed with your construction project without their help especially in regards to legal matter. Majority of these firms come with certification to allow buildings to be constructed in a given area. Without their certifications, it would be illegal for the building to exist. There are some loop holes that you may be able to find but majority of the time it is best to find and contact these firms to do it for you.

Remember before you start your project, approach one of these listed firms to find out how feasible your project may or may not be. It may save you a bit of money in the long-term.