What is SS-506?

SS 506 Standard is another form of OSH management systems that is accepted and promoted as the Singaporean version of OHSAS 18001. It enables an organization to develop and implement policies and objectives that take into account legal requirements and information about Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) risks. The success of the OHS system is dependent on the commitment of each level of the organization stemming from the executive management level to the floor management level.

Once developed, the company will need to take action and improve its performance up to SS 506 Standard. The overall goal is to support and promote good OHS practices.  

SS 506  Part 1 – Takes into consideration majority of the markets needs for OSH.

SS506 Part 3 –  Takes into consideration of classes of factories in the chemical industry in Singapore. Each factory must set up safety and health management systems according to the Code of Practice on Safety Management Systems in regards to the Chemical Industry.

Benefits of SS-506

Benefits of SS506 Part 1 & 3

  • Complies with Governmental regulations and legal requirements
  • Minimizes risks for any person involved from the moment someone enters the property to the moment they leave the property
  • Marketing and Image credibility boost