Designed for companies that are looking to decrease safety and increase their protection when a major incident occurs. Fire Safety Management exists only to create a proactive plan for organizations to thrive when a major incident occurs.


Fire Safety Management Consultancy Service includes:

  • Appointment and Termination of Fire Safety Managers
  • Building of required Fire Safety Management & Company Emergency Response Team.
  • Ensure that each fire safety requirements is met in the Emergency Response Plan for each building type responsible for.
  • Preparation and execution of the Emergency Response Plan.
  • Ensure that all occupants are familiar with the means of escape located within the premises.
  • Training of the Company Emergency Response team in all required activities: First Aid, fire fighting, and evacuation.
  • Preparation of an Arson Prevention Plan
  • Conduct routine fire drills for the occupants at least twice a year.


Fire Safety is highly important now more than ever. Fires can be prevent through a pro-active approach provided by our staff and program at OHA Global. Even in the case of an fire emergency, the training from our program will allow the safety of the stakeholders and prevention of the fire spreading throughout your facility.

If you are in need of Fire Safety Management please contact us now!