What is Property Management?

Designed for companies that are looking to increase their profitability of their residential project or existing residential area / building. OHA Global will manage your property for you! If your goal is to increase the sales of the area, increase the efficiency of your staff, or even decrease the turn of rate of your existing tenants / residents. We are able to provide these services for you!

Property Management Service covers the following areas


Facilities Management

  • Management of facilities function, legal responsibilities, code standards, and other compliances needed for your building to be ran.
  • Safety checks and briefings
  • Implementation of facilities management and maintenance policies.


Residential Property 

  • Management consultations to help improve residential property sales, and to increase overall resources of the area.
  • Implementation of property maintenance and management policies.
  • Proper management in regards to screening tenants, handling security deposits, termination of a lease, evicting tenants, and compliance with property safety standards.
  • Feasibility study on land
  • Preliminary estimate for construction cost
  • Sales and expenditure case study
  • Contractual advise



If you are in need of a Property Manager please feel free to contact us any time so that we can assist you.