Does your Project truly need a Quantity Surveyor?

Starting a project can be tough. You must come understand the scope of works, time, and cost in order to begin. Majority of these issues stem from the managers thought process. “Where do I start?” is the question you will hear often from someone starting a project. Without prior knowledge, or expertise in an area, your simple project will turn into a complicated mess.

Bringing in a quantity surveyor in alleviates several components of a project that typical project manager must handle.

1) A quantity surveyor will handle the contracting, & tender agreements for you.

Unsure of a contractor? A quantity surveyor will handle the contractor interviews for you to ensure that the contractor is true to his word and does due diligence on his work. This is highly important since a contractor may hinder the growth of the project or the contractor is unable to complete their portion of work due to insufficient funds on their end.

2.) A quantity surveyor will have the expertise and knowledge to direct your project.

A quantity surveyor will typically have a several connections for your project. We can call this “insider’s knowledge”. It allows the quantity surveyor to leverage strength into the client’s hands in order to procure materials/items at a more favorable price.

3) Quantity surveyors will handle the cost-estimation for you.

When it comes to sending and receiving quotations, no one is better at this than the quantity surveyor themselves. Once they receive the quotation, they will adjust their costing sheet and cut/add costs wherever is needed to ensure that the quality and price of the project meets the client’s standards.

A quantity surveyor is there to meet the standards of the client and protect the overall outcome of a project. Whereas some may view a quantity surveyor as an extra cost, they can indeed save your project a great portion of time, headaches, and money in the end.

Does your project truly need a quantity surveyor? Yes and no, It solely depends on the size of your project and your ability as the project manager.

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