What is ISO?

OHA Global is well-trained consultancy firm in each area of business management. Each of our consultants are able to create an difficult environment to audit your business. Soon after we will provide in-depth recommendations to further increase the quality management of your company.

The areas OHA Global covers are:

  • Risk Management
  • Conducting Due Diligence Tests
  • Management of delivery and operations
  • Eliminations of deficiencies in services

How does ISO consulting services benefit you?

  • Other than an improvement in the overall process of your company, you will many external benefits of:
    • Increased Sales from recognition as a quality service
    • Increased productivity
    • Overseas recognition
    • Governmental Recommendations
    • Compliance with Regulations
    • Quality Control

Stay up-to-date with your existing ISO

At OHA Global, we follow closely with long-term partners to ensure that their ISO is up to standard. At this moment, many companies are in the process of switching from their :2008 version of ISO to :2015 version. We will assist you with this transition as seamlessly as possible. It is our goal to ensure that each and every business meets the standards required to achieve the ISO recognition.